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Gay Christian opening the world one smile at a time. Join me with a smile and together we will give the whole world a smile. This smile is given to all types of people in every part of the world.

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I want to start the kind of church where someone can walk in and be like “I drink, swear, and jack off a lot but I like Jesus” and everyone else is like “cool me too”.

Cuz these things aren’t as big of a deal as evangelicals make them out to be.

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Please let me know

Do you think there should be a church started for those who feel rejected by the mainstream church?
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You cannot see it you do not really know it is passing. We just live in like a soup that turns slowly that we do not pay any attention to

But as it accumulates you get to feel it and taste it and every once in a while you get to drown in it.

For example in technology. I see an movie I liked and no one in the movie had a cell phone. I remember that life was different without cell phones. Today I live with a smart phone that helps me not get lost and allows me to be friends with a guy in Brazil or China. Just the evolution of life’s changes from phones to smart phones is amazing.

Then you remember the difference if you lived in this soup long enough to know life in both forms. That is when you see and feel time

Then there are those old friends who you have not seen for a long tine. Who have become middle aged and chubby and out of shape. Like me once.

Then like today you talk to a friend about an event in your life and he reminds that that happened four years after he was born.

You see. I remember when my mothers friends were sitting at the kitchen table saying how ridiculous and dangerous this new thing called a microwave was called. I remember when my mother first got a coffee maker. And how we all stood around and watched it.

I remember when tv was not in color

My friend reminded me in his wisdom that in a hundred years from now life we live will be totally different one.

My laptop is about 8 years old. I still value it and it works as well as the day I bought it. But it cannot do half what my iPhone 5 can do. The camera alone

It is amazing and life today is different from the time I bought my laptop

I wonder what man will create to change our life’s. What will you create or write of become that will change life and make time roll

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Jesus died to take away your sins.


Not your sense.

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